Helena Patacão Energy Services launches ΞEnergy Independence Program


Today we have launched one of the most challenging Programs of the Energy Industry, the ΞEnergy Independence Program.

ΞEIP is a catalyst initiative to build autonomous and independent energy systems on-site, through gathering the most efficient renewable / green / clean energy technologies in the world.

ΞEIP gathers, connects and bridges technologies with investors and on-going project owners, accelerating the achievement of the worldwide mandatory renewable energy target and the established United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals / Affordable and Clean Energy until 2030.

ΞEIP aims to contribute to solve the 3 main problems in this sector by Building off-grid on-site energy systems to:

  • supply electricity where there is no access to public electricity grid infrastructure;
  • support current failures of supply;
  • reduce the high consumption of existing buildings.

More information at ΞEIP