This is a request to all worldwide leaders, who owns the intellectual property of technology that aims to target the most efficient solutions in the energy industry, to enroll to our ΞEnergy Independence Program.

Innovative products that aims independence from the grid, which produces energy through solar, wind, hydrogen, waste and other renewable sources, are welcome to our scope of technologies.

If you have a vision, THE VISION, about what can light up our future in a better way, we invite you to join us in Dubai.

We invite every single entrepreneur of this industry, to commit to solve a problem and commit to the higher good of the people and our planet.

It´s time to re-wire and re-write our history! 

Please proceed with your registration below.

Together, we power the future!



Share your vision and products wih us, and gain access to one of the most challeging programs in the Energy Industry.

* Innovative solutions targeting the independence from the grid are one of our main requirements